2019 Kawasaki Teryx Review- ATV ESCAPE

2019 Kawasaki Teryx Review-today I’m driving around in a 20-19 Kawasaki Teryx LE Matrix camo gray which. if I may say so looks pretty naughty after that the front end add the hood. the dual headlights and this thing just looks aggressive it’s kind of like a. Texas bull looking at a stranger it just looks mean and ready to rumble. as compared to the base model the Teryx LE includes a hard roof four LED. headlights 27-inch Maxis big horns on 14 inch aluminum wheels and color matching. suspension components all for $14999 you know how a machine can hold a special.
Noname 2019 Kawasaki Teryx Review- ATV ESCAPE
place in your heart because of the experience and the memory you have in it. that’s what the Kawasaki Teryx is to me because it was in a Teryx that I. really learned how to drive his side by side aggressively. it was just me the Teryx the Paiute Trail in Utah and a bunch of fast. driving side-by-side dudes along with a whole lot of rain and it was in this mix. that I learned what you could do in the side-by-side I also remember being like. blown away with how capable the Teryx really was I remember it was so much. fun to just be flying along hitting the. limiter launching off small loops with my foot all the way on the floor and it. changed everything for me as to what you could do in the. side-by-side. Being able to launch off small loops at full throttle is. courtesy of a 783 CC v-twin cylinder that produces 57 horsepower and 47. pounds of torque. The v-twin engine is known for having an amazing sound and it. does like it really does. Just listen to it purr. it’s a torquey engine with lots of torque at the low and mid rpm which. means you can spin corners and break the backend lose at will.

which makes the Terrax a ton of fun to drive now don’t get me wrong it’s not. gonna like set any land speed records it’s limited to 50 miles an hour which. is kind of a shame because it has more in the tank and the suspension would be. able to handle the added speed no problem the suspension is made up of. beefy Dule arms with 8 inches of travel up front and 8.3 inches of travel in the. rear with adjustable preload box 2.0 shops officially the t-rex is a. recreation utility side-by-side but with the Fox 2.0 shocks. it’s more of a recreation sports side-by-side you not only can adjust the. 24 position clickers on the suspension

but you can also push the Terrax pretty. darn hard without it getting out of sorts on the trail for this type of. side-by-side I’m a big fan of its suspension on the Terrax being a bit on. the sporty-er side I think from the factory the ride is a little rough but. the good news is I can adjust the clickers to dial it in to a softer ride. and find that sweet spot that I like. now while I’m a big fan of the support of your suspension most of the market. has gone to a qs3 shock that has three ride adjustments typically normal firm. and soft and I think the Terrax would benefit from that because 24 different. choices is a lot of choices for for the majority of people that’s kind of like. going to the store to get a tomato for a sandwich and having 24 different types. of tomatoes to choose from 3 or 4 choices is plenty one thing that

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I’ve noticed about the suspension as much as I love it is that it does have a. tendency to push in corners and understeer and I don’t know if that’s. because of the wheelbase the steering geometry or a combination of both of. those things but it is something you have to get used to the good news is. once you get used to it it’s pretty darn easy to figure out exactly what the. Terrax is gonna do when you push it. a couple of years ago there were some updates done to the Terrax it started. with the the grille in the hood both of which I liked but the majority of updates were done to the interior cab and it took the cab for being more of a utilitarian workplace to a comfy family room where you can off road from it

the ignition switch and the four-wheel drive switch have been moved out from behind. the steering wheel and are easy to get to the dash has two kinds of plastic. finishes to give it a more detailed polished look there are cubbies all over. the dashboard to put stuff along with cutouts for your aftermarket accessory. switches there’s a glove box the steering wheel which already is. comfortable to grip now tilts and there are these high back contour seats than. it just was with a slider rather than unbolting them and the wheel wells .

the sitting position in this are super super comfortable oh and there are the. doors that have absolutely no holes in them imagine that the cab of the Terrax. is just a good place to be but there is one thing about the interior of the. Terrax that separates it from all the other side by sides on the market that. would be the amount of dedicated storage behind the front seats and in front of. the tilting bed you’ve got these giant bins with sealed lids and these things. are huge just look at what all I have in here have a couple of chickens some. celery potatoes carrots onions you could carry enough food to cook a trailside. meal for 25 people and still have enough room and the other bin left over to carry all the pots pans and kitchen utensils

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you’d need to get it done and. let’s not forget the dumping cargo bed with slats and tie-downs that’ll haul. 600 pounds or the fact that Terrax will tow 1,300 pounds with its 2 inch. receiver and all of this means the Terrax is no stranger to the work part. of rec utility I’ve always felt that the Terrax is a. force to be reckoned with when it comes to tackling off-road. terrain and it’s set up to do that it’s got a two wheel drive full wheel. drive four-wheel drive diff lock system it allows me to choose what mode it’s on. in and any given time it’s got a full link metal skid plate 11.2 inches of. ground clearance even though it measures out more than that in many spots and has. great engine braking thanks to the CVT transmission with us clutch in there to. keep the belt tight it’s just set up to be an excellent off rotor and I never. wonder if it’s going to be able to make it like it’ll tackle whatever you throw at it.

the t-rex does however have a couple of issues that need to be dealt with the. first issue is the noise inside the cab and part of our routing is taking your. friends and family with you and being able to carry on a conversation which is. hard because of the noise and with the entire industry working to make cabs. quieter that something Kawasaki is going to have to work on and it doesn’t help. that the engine is mounted right here which leads me to issue number two and. that’s the heat that comes off this section right here on my calf and lower. leg which is noticeable and during the winter it’s just fine but all the other. seasons of the year you notice it but despite these couple. of issues the t-rex is a favorite because it’s so capable and bendable.

the t-rex is one of my favorite side-by-sides and not just because it. holds a special place in my heart which it does it’ll take you to the most. remote places on earth with the ton of your gear and it’ll work for you when. you need it – I always look for a couple things that on a side-by-side or any. machine it set it apart and on the Terrax that’s the sport of your. suspension with the fox 2.0 shocks and that’s all the sealed storage behind the. front passenger seat it’s fun to drive it’s aggressive looking that makes a. statement and it comes with the three-year warranty which speaks to. side-by-side and all of these things make me a fan of the Terrax.

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