ATV Rules – 5 Mistakes Offroad riders make!

all right so a while back I did an ATV. trail etiquette video and ways to avoid. well being a dick out on the trail in. the video did well into this date I. still get comments on either through the. video or just people messaging me or in. person so I thought it’s been here it’s. time to do part two on ATV rules of the. trail so I’ve taken the top 5 comments. from riders and we’re gonna go over ways. that you can avoid being a guest out on. the trail I can’t see what’s up riders. Chris with navigate off-road bringing.

MWSnap858 ATV Rules - 5 Mistakes Offroad riders make!

ATV Rules

you the best and off-road information. destinations and reviews I love these. videos I’m super pumped about this video. this style of video it always generates. a ton of discussion and just some funny. one-liners as well so you know after the. video is over ahead to the comments. right below this video. respond to what I’m about to say respond. to each other it’s just it’s a good time. so get involved in that down below and. just all I ask is you keep it clean just. keep it clean. we got the filters and all that stuff so. if you start throwing around the f-bomb. and everything else to see they’re not. gonna show up or just get deleted so.

that’s uh that’s Alaskan real quick. we’re getting started real quick make. sure you stick around to the end cuz. we’re also gonna cover the number one. pet peeve from the last video and I. thought I was mad but other riders they. were madder than me so we’ll go over all. that after we talk about the top 5. starting with this one what a beautiful face outside. alright so this one might seem obvious. to you but it’s obviously not too many. riders or they just don’t care and that. is when you come up to other riders or. people on the side of the trail slow. down and turn the music down so your. exhaust quiets down and your music. quiets down it’s a respect thing that.

way they can carry on doing what they’re. doing. and enjoying nature and as can you it’s. a great time slowed down a little bit. enjoy mother nature for the 15 to 20. seconds it takes to pass them get a safe. distance in front of them because it’s. also a safety thing you shouldn’t fly by. people and then once you’re far enough. in front of them that you’re dust and. dirt and rock isn’t gonna shoot back at. them hit the throttle turn your music. back up and enjoy the rest of your ride if that’s what you’re into number two. all right so this one is more and more. important the larger your writings get. especially we start talking like ATV clubs or a large rides with tons of. people and thank you to everyone that.

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brought this up I would have never. thought to include this and I definitely. understand how you know it would get. people upset out on the trails and the. idea is this when you’re riding and you. get to a turn stop at the turn for a. second look behind you make sure that. the rider behind you sees that you’re. taking that turn otherwise what happens. is you zig and by the time I get up to. you eyes egg and go the wrong way. now I’m unsupervised alone in the woods. scared we got to get a search party to. come find me like I’m over there crying. somewhere and it just wrecks everybody. day number three are you serious. this one fires me up and I know. I’m not alone here because I probably. get contacted about this one more than. any other one and that is don’t see a. parking lot racer just slow down slow. down there’s a lot going on I know. you’re excited I get it his trailhead. you know it’s probably been a long drive.

if you’re like me like you already had. an energy drink and you’re just looking. forward to getting out on the trail but. it just gets slow down there’s people. loading there’s people unloading there’s. trucks two trailers moving around. there’s people moving around there’s. often kids running around you got to. slow down in the parking lots it’s not. worth it nothing is gonna be gained from. getting out on the trail like 20 seconds. sooner alright what a lot can be lost so. just bring it down a notch bring it down. and I know someone in the comments down. below is like screw you man don’t tell. me what to do. I’m not telling you what to do man just. bring it down a notch for the safety of everybody just don’t be a jerk gosh.

I apologize smiley face thank you for. being considerate of other riders please. slow down in the parking lot number four. I don’t even have a cutaway for this one. I I really don’t I didn’t want to talk. about it I almost didn’t bring it up. because I know a lot of people are gonna. click away here but it’s become it’s. become such an issue I get comments. about it I get bombarded by it quite. literally every week and that is. drinking and riding I know you can click. away like screw use the public service. announcement and I do what I want the. problem is it’s it’s a problem right. it’s a huge issue in the off-road. community right now so please just save. it for the campfire you know enjoy the. ride during the day and then at night. drink whatever you want that’s legal for. whatever age you are and just enjoy the. day you know we’re all out there trying. to have a good time there’s kids there’s.

families it’s it’s not about you to be. honest it’s about them and the other. people that you could hurt so please for. their safety you know help help us all. out and save the alcohol for after the fact number five. all right so this one I just I first of. all I should say if you’re wondering why. I keep moving it’s because the Sun. wasn’t out and it keeps like popping up. and I’m trying to run away from it for. this whole video doesn’t matter number. five I’m a huge huge offender of so let. me just as a rider let me apologize to. you for this one and that is not having. your headlights on when you’re out on. the trail I don’t do it on purpose I. just forget to turn them on so a lot of. riders that that drives them nuts and. and I understand so turn your headlights. on when you’re out on the trail in fact. even if you don’t do it for other riders. quite honestly it’s a lot in many many. many states in fact I’m trying to think. of a state that I’ve been riding where. it’s not a lot so turn your headlights. on for the benefit of everybody and. yourself I’ve even been yelled at by the. DNR for this thankfully they haven’t. ticketed me I just yelled at me and I’ve. earned it because I didn’t have my. headlights on so I flick them on and we. all go about our day turn your. headlights on but but don’t turn your. light bar on when you’re just coming at. other people they’re like your high. beams. you got your Hut you got your light bar. on and you see how the riders turn your. life bar off just your headlights thank. you that’s it all right so number one. the number one pet peeve we had from the. last video and this is gonna be like. common sense to everybody but it is. still an issue an issue that I have. gotten so many complaints from and I totally understand it so we’re. addressing it again. that’s your trash you brought it in you. bring it out simple is that I cannot. tell you how many people I’ve gotten. fired up either in comments or. conversations with me about trash like a. lot of people I some of them I like you. know I’m surprised they haven’t. assaulted someone out on the trail so.

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just just pick up your trash that’s all. I got I hope this video was helpful I. hope it helped you in some way I hope. you learned something from one of these. subscribe if you haven’t already and and. I hope to see you on the trail with my. headlights on oh yeah by the way click. this video if you want to see our first. one click this video up here or just to see our latest video click this guy down. see our latest video click this guy down here alright you’re not everybody.

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