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Guys the other day we made a video about luxurious offroading camper based on the huge truck. KAMAZ. Certainly that vehicle was extremely interesting but expensive at the same time. Now you’ll see an offorading camper again, but this time it’s a custom camper and its. extremely cheap. Stay tuned, its going to be interesting, lets go!. Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over and you are watching review machines.
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The idea of the project is very simple – to build and offroading camper for minimal price. The solution is genius – we take an written-off ussr military ATV truck and combine it with. used german trailer camper in good condition. As a result we have a perfect offroading capability and a real cozy camper with a kitchen, bedroom,. bathroom and all the modern conveniences. But the most interesting that the total budget amounts to a used quad or even less!. In this video we try to give a thorough explanations, but if you have any questions be sure to ask. me in the comments!. And now its high time to go!. Take you seats!. Of course the best place to test this thing it’s a tough offroading. There is no sense to test the camper on a good road, cause our vehicle is able to overcome. the severest obstacles.

Hunting fishing and traveling in wild nature – that is our camper is build for!. But as a matter of fact all the trips start on a good road, that is why it is interesting. to see how it goes there. Well and we immediately face the main disadvantage of the truck. It is a huge fuel consumption. Its about 30 liters of gas per 100 km. Another drawback – its rather uncomfortable driver position. The reason is unusual gear box handle – it is mounted behind the driver. Anyway this truck is not so bad on a good road as it may seem. Maximum speed is rather decent – 90 km/h, but in general this vehicle is cut out for. moving on a rough terrain. When does offroad begin?. It’ll begin soon, wait a little!.

But now lets have a closer look at this incredible machine. We start from the engine. The access to the top of the engine is right from the cabin. It is useful feature if it needs some quick repair. But to get the full access we should lift the cabin. There is V8 gas engine 4.3 liters capacity and 120 horse power. The gear box has only four ranges its rather simple and rough. There are huge axles with differential locks, the ground clearance with standard tires is. 315 mm. Also we have here a central system of tires inflation – a very useful feature for any. serious ATV. Two big gas tanks provide the range 800 km. There is a mechanical winch driven by the engine. Lets see whats inside the cabin. There is a typical military rough interior, only essential parts, nothing more.

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Dashboard is simple and clear. By the way the engine inside the cabin do a lot of good in winter when its cold outside,. but in summer it may be so hot here, so be ready for a sauna. But these windows can save us from the heat when the vehicle is moving. Standard seats were changed for the luxurious cryslers seats – so they are quite comfortable. for a driver. -We are ready lets move on!. -OK but it doesn’t start -Well, what do you think the reason is?. – Don’t know, has anybody filled up?. – What do you mean?. You had to fill it up!. – F**K I’ve forgotten!. Well after some time we keep on moving in search of any dirt for offroading tests. We have all wheel drive, low range gear box, diff locks, central system of tires inflation,. mechanical winch – all this stuff makes our truck a real ATV!. By the way these trucks used to be very popular, it was produced huge quantity of them.

So nowadays written off machines cab be bought for a very cheap price. A truck in good condition may cost about 4 000 dollars. Our vehicle was produced in 1978, its rather old, but works perfectly. It is very durable and reliable machine, so it may work for very long time. It was slightly modified to be more comfortable, new seats, parking assistance system and so. on. But the most important modification it’s a camper. And I think it is high time to see what’s inside it. This is a german trailer camper Hobby 460 1989 production year. Now such camper in good condition can be bough for about 3-4 thousand dollars.

This camper was mounted on the frame of the truck. In order to do that a special adapter plate was installed. Besides there is a some kind of suspension system for the camper to provide a smooth. moving on a rough terrain. Also and additional ladder was attached here. Lets go inside!. Well get comfortable my friends. At the left we have a dinner table with cozy seats for 5 persons. This table can easily be transformed into a huge bed where can lie three people. There are numerous cases and boxes. Each box can be locked when the vehicle is moving. At the right we have one more table, that also can be transformed into a bed.

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Lets check the bathroom. Well the bathroom we’ll check a bit later and now lets see a kitchen. Kitchen table can be transformed into a gas cooker and washer. There is a cold and hot water provided with a boiler. Under the table we have a fridge and some other boxes. Now lets check the bathroom finally. There is a real dry closet and a shower. There are central gas heater, numerous windows, two hatches. As a result it’s a real comfortable and cozy camper, we were very surprised by it. taking into account the price of the project. And now lets try to have a ride inside the camper on a tough offroading. Well frankly speaking it is not very tough offroading, but it is the middle of summer,.

it is heat outside and so hard to find some dirt. But you can take it from me – our truck proved to be a perfect ATV long ago, and today. we want to see how it goes with the camper. That is why I always wear my helmet. To be serious the spring leaf suspension of the truck is rather tough, so it shakes as. you can see. It may be a drawback. But on the other hand this truck is able to get to the most hidden and interesting places,. though not so comfortably, but efficiently. And when you get there you may live in wild nature with all the modern conveniences of. the camper. And its high time to speak about the total price of the project. And the total sum of this vehicle with camper is about 8 000 dollars!. What do you think guys, if it is expensive or not?. Please post comments with your opinions. It is time to call it a day. Thanks for watching guys, please consider subscribing the channel if you liked this. video. Good bye!.

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