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everybody’s really hope my wallet in the. tank you got people from all over the. walls you got uptown downtown mid-city. West Bank just coming they got it just a. pop song when I hit the. there’s crazy I’m gonna tell you all on. the store I got a partner this do been. in and out in and out of jail since he. was 15. little tank every time he come home he’s. doing that home along with two months. you go right back to jail. never fails fast introduces doing to the. bikes he ain’t been to jail since I gave. him like a 85 I had you ain’t having no. brakes clutch cable was on that stuff. man is doing been riding that bike for. like yeah right I got his cash up got. him another bike this happened for years. and this man ain’t in jail six now all. he do is fix on his bike face the bill. home is pretty long. by is not only change of life. you can find hidden gems to hand you ten. enough idea to experience Carolina no no. shit oh so you know what you do you talk you tell me I’ll do my job. [Music]. it’s already every city we go to you. always based on hill where we where we¬† appreciate when it see save my minute.

MWSnap855 New Orleans BikeLife

New Orleans BikeLife

Jimmy nailed it so falling asleep. [Music]. oh oh oh no Joe hey right now you’re right there right there running. [Music] No. fuckity Marlinspike life we are here I’m. saying we got the whole fam. Miami everybody on that side. bike like no life yeah business you’ll. already know about the Saturday fires up. the businessman we in the street. get my point shooting so they called me. last minute come out ok mr. D’Souza need. a sock man I love my shoes but you need. need to get it be smokers you need the.

more I make the call [Music]. they were. quite a bit right like what’s your ID. man let the people look. [Music] yeah respect. away from winning that’ll load up that’s 25 hours to be exact 133. wait a minute the Georgia see what just happened bro number one I bet real quick. and right. oh my gosh yo I thought he was gonna put down. yo I got this shit we all hear that we. gotta go here this hot cheeto use a look yeah this little brother.

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absolutely every city every city don’t let the cars go. wiebe Poppa clutch yogurt just won’t touch we are come from. we last. I brought you keep it baby. [Music]. will we be perfect just touch touch we all come in. Poppa clutch back was not know Dutchess. pull up on the biking on the bitch’s. wrong in fact I see this one in fantasy. just wanna fried baby shot me. I am just gonna body see that right on. the side boy you know we pull up on the.

Badgers probably Wendy’s like em I might. just put her know where my young boys. they go anyway. and up the leg up we be poppin glad yo. yo got just one touch touch we are. complying that’s why we come mr. Wilson. walking in my wheels in the devil I will. now before y’all both start assuming. that the black life community started. this whole thing in calling us hooligans. and a bunch of thugs and gangsters. here’s a fun fact. so here’s what happened one of the. little guys had basically ran into one. of the hard guys bikes by accident. probably a minor scratch or a bump of. the tires nothing too serious as you can. see one of the older Caucasian guys said. hey I’m taking you back I don’t care. what you say and I’m gonna keep it. inside a cops come now to my. understanding these old guys go around. New Orleans and basically start fights. all the time and posted on YouTube said. of locals these guys are so-called. neighborhood bullies I guess they. thought they was gonna bully us as well we wasn’t having it this wide no too. God ain’t ready for me yet man that’s. what it is. you got a plan for me

I said and I’ll. kill everybody that did go but it was. one a bite I mean so lucha still look up. happy up and this guy got a big plan for. us is he is she gonna make you or break you. I’m just trying to win I have you I’m. lying about hey look like a listen whole. story is like never give up Duke see I. fell. look I got staple effect my head mostly.

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Pike length she was bigoted bison you think I’m a start right. like like this you have it niggas pears. or dogs they miss dumps [Music]. this fun little kid I don’t care about. for little kids that’s watching see the. helmet. obviously the only death fuck that I. felt it was time saying I go hey they. can in any way that I go through pain.

they time to see any stress over my bike. is only like the only way they know this. shit don’t bother me I’m Andy’s custo. but what bothers me my height down my. bike is Dan when I only got my lady like. that. cuz she part of my family too so I got a. I’m one of my family minutes down as. well like not just me mother than that. date they all disagreeing ain’t don’t. agree with the lifestyle but as you see.

I lost the leg with his shit it’s like I. told him it’s not it’s not how you pose. how you get back up and I feel I got. that cup running I’m still running I just had a little pit stop. those do from hold the world can’t got. my bike share with me in the high school. all the time because I went out enjoyed. the service Mardi Gras doing chilling me. in the hospital whole time. shout to have me know who you are me I. salute you nobody

I can’t pick me up a. solution by screams harm I respect that. that’s what best that’s my point your. name’s Lake dance right there we’ll come. out here from Cali so yeah yeah right. here man goodbye Taffer no dammit shy. g-man Tonto oh man flipper flipper nine. eight hundred make alipio man histogram. no County Pike right I love this bike. light shit cuz of that you get to meet. people all over the world like I’m. saying all over the world any in love with the same passion as you.

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