Start And Test Drive Atv 150 HH Type Hummer Wheel 10

Start And Test Drive Atv 150 HH-we will show you how to start and we will make a test drive with an 150 cc ATV. it is a hummer model. it has automatic gearbox. we have here a lever. D-N-R. Drive Neutral and Reverse. to shift is enough to pull the lever and put it in the desired direction.
Noavt Start And Test Drive Atv 150 HH Type Hummer Wheel 10
this is the ignition key. now we turn the ignition key on. ok, here we have a fuel tap. is on / off. we turn it on. otherwise it won’t start. when you do not use the atv for long time. you turn it off. the you check it always before start. ok the ignition key is on. we need to keep the brake pulled. here we have the emergency stop. in each part we kill the ignition.

we push it to have ignition. and we push the start button. you will see that it will start on high idle. that is because it has an electric choke. then after it warms up it will turn normal idle. ok,as you can see the idle is normal now. always when you change gear you keep the brake pulled.

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