The cheapest ATV battle

Welcome to our battle of the cheapest all terrain vehicles!. For this video we chose three affordable models and now we are going to make a thorough comparison!. Take your seats in our vehicles its time to begin, lets go!. Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over and your are watching review machines!. The other day we made a review of the cheapest atv, and that video was very successful, be. sure to check it if you haven’t.
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The matter is such kind of machines is extremely cheap but it is able to show the best performance. at offroading. Often even better than much more expensive atv models. Moreover, you even don’t need to buy these atvs. The construction is so simple that many of us are able to built such machine themselves!. Today we have three models. We are going to put these models in interesting tests, from drag racing to severe offroading. in swamp. By the way all these machines are amphibious so we are going to arrange a water drag racing. Well, it will be interesting, stay with us!. Now lets have a brief look at each machine.

We begin with this simplest and cheapest model. We already made a review of this particular machine, so if your are interested have a. look at that detailed video. Now I want just to remind you, this atv has the simplest construction. There are only essential parts, that machine needs to move. Nothing more. We see here an articulated frame with wheels made of an old trucks tires. The most part of rubber was just cut off to provide a lighter weight and new aggressive. tire tread. Moreover All the main parts here were taken from old cars and trucks, that is why this. atv is so simple. But we will speak about the prices at the end of the video, lets move on. Three wheeled ATV Shogrash – its quite a different model built with another ideology.

Three huge low pressure wheels with 900 mm diameter. There is all wheel drive, but the front wheel drive is attachable. The atv is equipped with the one cylinder engine 12 horse power with electric starter. There is a cvt transmission, disk brakes, the total weight is 240 kilos, ground clearance. is 400 mm. The construction is easily dismountable and when dismantled it can be put in a regular. car trailer. It is a serial production machine, we’ll see what it can show us in our tests. One more ATV its called Artemida. It looks like the first model, but it is slightly more expensive and improved machine. Generally the construction is the same, but more qualitative parts are used here. There is a Chinese engine 17 hp, electric starter. The wheels are also homemade, their diameter is 1200 mm. Strengthened frame, waterproof body, power bumper, lights and even there is an awning. that keep dry from bad weather. While our machines are being prepared for the competition few words about the agenda. First of all we’ll see the drag racing. Its clear that the machines are not very fast, but anyway its interesting to know who is. the fastest.


Then we’ll see some tests in mud and on a rough terrain, And finally we’ll arrange. the offroading in the swamp and water drag racing!. There are many things to do so lets start!. Well its drag racing. We have a classic quarter here, all the competitors are standing in the line ready for the tough. race. Things are heating up, everybody ready to find out who is the fastest today?. Ok Lets start it!. It was veeery close to the camera, wasn’t it?. As we can see Shogrash is taking off much faster that other machines. To tell the truth it isn’t very surprising cause its maximum speed according to the docs. is 40 km/h and as to other two vehicles its just 25. So the results are clear.

Shogrash is definitely the fastest all terrain vehicle today, lets move on!. Now the task is to overcome this obstacle. It’s a pool with water and mud, the distance is 30 meters and the depth is about a meter. Artemida goes the first!. This obstacle is quite difficult cause our machines float here, so its very important. to be good at moving on water. Four rotating wheels with aggressive tire tread move the machine quite rapidly so the. result of Artemida is on your screens. Now Shogrash is trying. I think we can conclude here that it is more complicated to drive this thing on water cause. there are only three wheels and the tires are not so aggressive. Anyway Shogrash is finishing and you see the results!. And the third model is trying!.

The construction is the same as on the first atv so it moves in the same way. You see the results now. And now you’ll see so to speak the demonstration of power of the moto atv which is called Pro. Master. We though it also would be interesting. As to our competitors, the best result was shown by Artemida. Approximately the same result has its cheap analog. And shogrash demonstrated here the worst time. Now the task is to cross the ditch with quite steep slopes. Artemida tries. As we see there are some difficulties despite huge wheels and all wheel drive. The sand is very loose, and the machine plunges into it. But finally Artemida gets over this trial without any help. Its Shogrash turn!. And again it seems that three wheels is not enough to overcome this obstacle. Big wheels is a good feature, but the tire trade is also very important. After all the rider tries to get over this ditch in the other way!. That’s what I call a smart riding!.

Now the cheapest atv is trying!. Like a snap!. To be frank this atv moved here last so it was easier to take this obstacle. When Artemida is making one more attempt it is not a problem at all. And while the moto atv is getting over this ditch we can make a conclusion, that on a. rough terrain all our competitiors showed approximately the same results. Maybe Shogrash was slightly worse that others, use your own judgments and we are moving on!. Well we have the final trial – it’s a big swamp and a lake. The point of the competition is simple – general start on swamp and moving to the lake with. maximum possible speed. Lets go!. Shogrash is trying again to move backwards, but it seems it fell into a hole and got stuck. The other machines are moving on swamp quite rapidly and few moments later we see them. already floating!. After some time we see the following results. Shogrash finally managed to escape from the trap and reached the open water. But it seems impossible to catch up with the other vehicles.

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As we can see it floats quite well, but moves on water very slowly, again – because of. the smooth tire tread. Anyway it proves that this machine is really amphibious atv. Artemida is taking the second position. Four rotating wheels provides a notable speed on water, but only on still water. Its clear that it cant move against the current. Waterproof body is also a great feature in this conditions. All the things on board the machine will remain dry. And the cheapest model is in the lead in this competition, but to tell the truth they are. slightly cheating. They mounted a boat motor to the body, so now the machine is able to move significantly. faster on water. But in fact the speed even with motor is not very breathtaking. So I think this little advantage is not worth having additional difficulties with a boat. motor. Now lets see the atvs climbing from water back to the ground. And while they climbing we speak in a word about the prices!. The cheapest model costs about 3000 dollars.

But as I’ve already said it is simple to build such atv yourself, especially if you. live not far from a junkyard. The price of Artemida is about 4000 dollars. As to Shogrash it also costs about 4000 dollars. Well guys, I think today we’ve had an interesting battle. What conclusions can we make out of it?. Definitely Shogrash is the fastest machine on a goos roads. It is quite comfortable and simple machine that may have some problems on ofrroad due. to the smooth tires. The other vehicles are rather slow and rough atvs. But they are very effective on offroading. And to my mind their efficiency is almost the same. Please post your comments, what machine do you think is the best in this video. with us, it will be many more interesting materials here, good bye!.

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