The One ATV Accessory

all right so a company reached out to us. and they wanted to send us what was in. this package and we looked into it we. said thanks but no thanks it’s really. not for us or our viewers and they came. back and they said look here’s the deal. we just want to send this to you you. don’t owe us anything there are no strings. attached no obligation we just want to. send it to you because our product is. that awesome and we believe in it. all right cool man I mean I love free. gear so go ahead and send it so they did. here it is and we’ve been playing with. one of them for a few weeks now and we. decided to make this video and let me. just state right up front there is no. sponsorship here they don’t even know. we’re making this video but after. playing with this for a few weeks I just. cannot see not having it while out on. the trail is that a double- can I say. cannot see not having well hey do you. want to stay up to date on the latest. ATV trails reviews and news obviously. you do so hit that subscribe button and. that Bell notification so you don’t miss. our future videos all right so there’s a. bunch of stuff in here that we’re just.

MWSnap859 The One ATV Accessory

The One ATV Accessory

gonna go ahead and pull out and get out. of the way and we’re gonna talk about. those in a minute because they do. hold some serious values so what’s going. on here. but first, let’s get to the meat which is. this is a guardian angel all right. now open up the box you might be. thinking what is this is a light. alright I know what you’re thinking like. what do freaking new a light I’ve never. seen one of those before but this is a. lot more than light just don’t click. off the video because of the accessories.

we’re gonna talk about in a minute or. what makes this so much better and more. awesome than any other light that I’ve. ever used before alright so before we. get to that dough let’s just cover the. light itself it’s it’s got a magnet. backing I don’t really know I guess you. could put this like under your shirt. maybe and then magnet it up like that if. you wanted so that’s an option but the. light itself has a bunch of different. functions on it okay so you’ve got you. rear which in this case is red look at. that ah and strobe mode alright so. you’ve got your red and your strobe now.

I’m gonna put a link below this video. make sure you check that link go to see. all the different options because red is. only one of many many options I mean the. colors there’s just there’s tons of them. okay so anyway let’s go back to the. lights and we’ve got our white light all. right so that’s our standard white. option also comes in a strobe. all right so again we’re gonna get into. all the uses for this in a minute now. you’ve also got a button for different. brightnesses so if you want it less. bright or more bright you’ve got those.

options and as far as the bright that. this thing is pretty freak in bright and. then on that same side you’ve got. basically a reading light here so if you. just if it’s dark out you don’t want to. screw with your eyes or anything like. that you can just turn on the red so you. can see what you’re doing and not you. know blur out your vision at night and. then you’ve got the emergency light here. and that’s the GA here it’s. basically your everything light it’s. your emergency light so you can hit this. one time and everything turns on it’s. super bright as you can see you’ve got a. strobe on top that we haven’t even. talked about yet your reds are going.

your whites are going I mean there’s. just a lot going on here right now so. it’s a great emergency light if you’re. stranded on the trails if you’re. stranded on the side of the road. whatever we’ll get into that now the. last thing on this I want to mention is. down here it’s covered up which is a. great feature for us off-roaders because. it keeps all the dirt and grime out but. it’s got a port back here to recharge it. it’s just a standard like micro or. whatever they’re called USB charger. option and it comes with a cable so. you’re good so in order of placing. batteries just make sure she’s charged. up and you’re good to go. all right so let’s go ahead and get to. the accessories for this because that’s. really what separates this from like all. other lights out there and just truly. makes it awesome for what it is that we. do alright and the first one

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I want to talk about is the helmet mount so the. helmet mom’s basically a magnet system. and the way it works is you mount this. on the inside your helmet I got one here. look at that. so you mount this on the inside of your. helmet wherever you want for now we’re. just gonna stick it here but but you. actually mount it in somewhere alright. and then everything about these lights. is magnetic so it just sticks on there. and now you’ve got all your options on. there you’ve got your emergency mode if. you get injured or you need someone. you’ve got your front lights here you. can do whatever you want you can twist. it any which way you want I mean I. freaking love this thing I’m serious. like this right here the the helmet. mount portion of this that is really. just one of the things that really sold it

I mean because I can just take it off. and you you have no idea there’s no. mount on the outside it’s just my helmet. it’s permanently affixed in there I. slapped this back on I’m good to go or. even put seriously like how awesome is. this got your helmet up on. on I mean come on take it up here put it. on something else it’s awesome all right. I’m sorry look good I’ll get back to the. back to the thing back to the video all. right so the next accessor I want to. talk about is this real mount and again. this is another one that makes this. thing so awesome so you take it out of. the package no dog I don’t like who says. it well you take it out of box really. see so you get this thing out and you. can basically wrap it around any sort of. bar which you know there happens to be a. lot of on ATVs and side-by-sides and the. cool thing about this is you wrap it. around the right way and you can use it as a dome light

which is an awesome. feature so you can put it as a dome. light or you can just easily pop this. off and move it if you got to work on. your machine you want it hands-free you. wrap it to a bar on the outside point it. down or towards the engine whatever you. want but for the side-by-side version. ice I just really love the fact that I. can use this as a dome light and at the. same time if I want I can also use it as. a chaise bar now this also works super. good because I can use it on an ATV bar. right so again I can use it as an ATV.

light is it gonna be a full LED bar. replacement no well probably not I mean. you could use it as that but I wouldn’t. say it’s it’s not the same right but. again you can put it on your handlebars. use it as just an accessory light to. work on your machine to see what you’re. doing you know you’ve got that emergency. button again if you break down on the. trail or it’s super dusty whatever you. want I mean the possibilities with this. thing are really endless again if you. want you could even use it as a chase. bar now there’s two more accessories. that I want to show you that really just. I think kind of drive home all the. different stuff you can use this for I’m. sure the gears are turning like yeah I. can see all the different options so. again there are even way more. accessories than we’re talking about. there’s even one for a Coen like because. they have a red and blue one for police. or orange or whatever you want for. construction like it literally like sets. down on like a traffic cone I mean the. accessories there’s just tons of them. but there’s two more

we’re gonna talk. about I just I don’t want to make this. video overly long and that is this one. here so we just talked about using it as. a dome light in your side-by-side well. if you’re like I have a custom cage or. my bars are a little bit thicker than. then this just little circle right here. no problem they actually make a full bar. mount and this thing is freaking again. just it’s like it’s made for side by. sides all right here’s the deal. now you you’ll unscrew this you figure. out where you want it and you just. you wrap it through your bar and then. you just slap it down on there whenever.


you want to use it and you’re good to go. again you could pull it off take it with. you put it on your helmet and you could. just leave this permanently mounted on. your side by side if you want now using. it it’s on there fully adjustable it. swivels you take it off you put it. somewhere else again I mean I just I. drink and love this thing last one I got. to talk about real quick it’s just your. standard windshield mount so if you’ve. got a UTV with a windshield or whatever. you want you can easily just suction cup. this to a windshield and the reason

I like this one as well is because when. you’re not using it for your side by. side you could put it in your vehicle if. you wanted so you could easily have this. suction in your vehicle again use it as. a dome light or a red light or whatever. you wanted in your vehicle or you could. just put in the back of your windshield. on your truck or whatever and it’s just. there as an emergency light in case you. get stranded or you’ve got to stop on. the side of the road you know you can. you can set the strobes on if you want. but you can turn on the emergency lights. if you’re stranded and you need help. whatever it may be I mean the. possibilities are endless and these are. only a few of the options like I’m telling this sounds like I’m giving you a sales pitch I’m not it’s just freaking. awesome alright I think that’s all the. accessories we’re gonna talk about today.

I know I talked fast I just I got. excited as you can tell I think this. thing is awesome it’s it’s definitely. something that I always want to have at. least until something better comes along. cuz it’s great for so many things it’s. good in emergencies it’s good to have. out on the trail even on my trailer I. can slap this thing on the side of my. trailer if I have to stop on the side of. the road and it’s late whatever the case. may be I can use it as an emergency. light while I’m out on the trail it can. be a chase light if you need it can help. you while you’re working on your machine. because it’s got so many mountable. options that you can keep your. hands-free which is one of the many. reasons that this works so great is your. hands are still free to do what you have. to do a wrench on your machine get. something out of the cooler whatever it. is the the possibilities are just. endless using it as a dome light using. it as a light on the handlebar of your.

ATV if you need I mean it’s just as you. start to think about it there’s just so. many options so again link down below. check it out find some mounts that work. good for you I think it’s a great light. and I don’t plan on not having it when. I’m on the trail in the future so with. that thanks for watching subscribe if. you haven’t already. and I hope to see on the trail did I. talk way too fast and that I talked way. too fast didn’t I I was excited I was. excited there’s a lot of stuff there’s a. lot of stuff to cover I was trying to. get all this stuff out without making it. sound like it’s a sales pitch because. it’s not it’s not a sales pitch it’s now. it’s not a sales pitch it’s not a sales. pitch. all right I’m just I’m just saying it’s. not a sales pitch it’s just awesome I. really like it I really like it there is. all right I just I really like in there. like so small and compact like I want. one of every colors that we I want one. of every color we can like we need to. get more. I wonder if guard guarding angels. watching this you think they’ll send us more collars yeah probably not that. more collars yeah probably not that stupid.

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