Tips Avt Riding Tail

– The first tip is to keep your eyes up.

Look where you are going so that you won’t get any surprises in the way because there will be a lot of different roots and rocks and everything in your way. If you don’t look where you are going your body won’t follow you, your brain doesn’t get the signal that there is one rock there might be another one behind it. just see the one rock you are not prepared for the second one. For example, this little rock section.

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Tips Avt Riding Tail

If I would have come from the corner and looking to my fender right here I wouldn’t have the time to react, or position, or choose the line that I want to attack that hill climb.finish the hill climb.

I am looking at somewhere right here where is the next jump. I don’t necessarily keep an eye on what’s happening here. And always when you are coming to a corner you have to be like already looking to the next one. And where your eyes are there will be your body and your bike. You have more time when look forward.

That is really important to keep your eyes way ahead of yourself. The second tip is to keep your elbows up. It might look stupid, it might feel stupid at first. Over do it so that your body and your muscles will remember that you have to keep your elbows like this. Like you are not going to be riding, you don’t want to ride like this. Then you will everything, just a small bump you will have a lot of struggling with it.

If you have your arms tucked into your torso you will have a lot of difficulties. If there’s any sudden rock, or root, or anything that can throw your bike out of line for example. You have more room to work with your body when you have your arms raised. If you give it like this you have much more power in your arms. And I know it will feel stupid at first, but once you get like this idea in your brain you will be automatically putting them up. When you get tired eventually your arms will drop, but
if you just practice it and focus on it more then you will stamina to do it. So tip number three will be stay relaxed. Don’t fight the bike, don’t like overthink everything the bike does, be one with the bike. It might sound like a cliche, but you have to be one with how the bike moves. You have to be relaxed so you can take any bump or anything that is coming to your way. Like I am pretty much, I am not squeezing the handle bars here, I am not, I’m pretty much relaxed here on the bike. Like I could be riding with one hand almost.

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Because if you squeeze the handle bars all that you are going to get is arm pump.
If there is rocks like this I am pretty relaxed. Because I know the rocks won’t go anywhere and it’s like you don’t have to squeeze that much on the bike, you just live with it and let the bike do it’s work and react to it. If you are stiff like concrete brick you will have a lot of trouble. You are basically working against the suspension
and against the bike. Don’t squeeze the handle bars so much and hold the bike more with your legs. With relaxing comes the breathing part. That’s really important, people forgot to breath basically. They just be like, I’m just going to squeeze the handle bars. After riding a while they are super exhausted and they have no oxygen going to their blood system and it just gets the arm pump and everything.

All your stamina will be gone basically because you don’t remember to breath that much. Practice your breathing because if you stop breathing you will attract more arm pump and that’s not the ideal case you are going for. Tip number four is to remember to think what you are doing, not just ride. If you want to get better as a rider you have to think what you are doing. Thinking about corners, thinking about everything.

When you brake, when you throttle, when you shift your weight to the rear of the bike
or anything, it will make a huge difference. If you start to think every time you go out
and ride I guarantee that you will get much better, much quicker. If you want to get better as a rider you have to think what you are doing. Only riding without a purpose is like, it’s a waste of time. Basically what you are doing is working on your stamina,
of course your bike skills will get better. You can do it more efficiently. I’m riding, let’s say, I am riding with my normal speed and then when there is a corner I focus on the corners.

Get better as a rider every time you go out and ride. If you are looking to that, think what you are doing. That’s one of the things that people forget. They just go out and ride, they don’t think that much. Sometimes it’s good to have fun and just go out and ride. Tip number five is to be active on the bike.Don’t get lazy, don’t be the netflix guy. Don’t stay on one spot, move your ass to the front, move your ass to the back.
When there is bumps like this you have to be on the rear of the bike. buld be in the front, or in the middle, let me show you.The bike will dive more and you will have a lot of hard time, but if you go in the rear and give some throttle. Like so, it will be much easier to control the bike. That is really hard to ride long periods of time like that, but eventually you will get more and more practice with it then you have the stamina is increasing and everything

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so it’s hard at first, but you will get it. When you come to a break or a corner move to the front and if there is rocks like this you have to be in the rear. And stand up every time you get out of the corner as soon as possible. If you are going to brake and turn you possibly need all the possible traction to your front wheel so you have to move forward.

If you have speed bumps like I have here you have to go to the rear of the bike so that it gets easier to go over these with more speed and if you are in the middle your weight is basically in the wrong spot all the time. So stay active on the bike. If you look at these pro riders, you will see that they have amazing stamina and everything.

So they are like, they are constantly moving on the bike and working with the bike. These are like super active, they don’t sit on the bike they don’t even stand still for even one second. They move constantly and it’s super, super important. I know you get tired pretty quickly and I know it can be tiring for you at first, but when you do it more, of course you are going to get more stamina and more strength to your body
to do riding more actively.

So to be active on the bike works also with the you are doing hard and you are doing beaver turns and start with your ass on the front it’s really hard. You have to move your ass on the back and then it’s, then it’s like super easy. So that was the five tips I have today. I hope you liked it, I hope you had some, some maybe some new thoughts or maybe not. If you liked it give a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t and we will see you in the next one.

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