What Is the Best ATV to Buy

so we recently did a video on ATVs. versus side-by-sides and it was actually. a lot of fun I’ll link it up in the top. here but I wanted to continue the next. video in this series on if you decided. to go the atv route to help you figure. out which type in size is right for you. because after all while it’s a an. awesomely fun process to buy a machine. it can it can be a little stressful. especially if you’re newer and you’re. not quite sure which type you want to. try or if you own one and you want to. mix it up I mean after all like every. Polaris owner out there is like hey man.

if you if you want power you got to get. a Polaris and then a Honda owner jumps. in there like yeah but if you want your. machine to run for more than five days. you got to get a Honda because the. reliability is where it’s at so that is. not at all the purpose of this video. it’s not to help you pick the brand the. purpose of this video is to help you. figure out the type in size so make sure. you stick around and and if you’re you. already own a machine make sure you. stick around and honestly help me out. hear what I have to say and then leave a. comment down below because I’m sure

I’m. gonna miss some things so if you’re. looking make sure you read those. comments as well and we can all kind of. just you know help you figure out. exactly what type of ATV maybe you. should be looking at. [Music]. so the first thing the very first thing. that I think you should do is forget. about the engine size just wipe it out. of your memory for now don’t think about. the cool accessories you’re gonna put on. it just for now leave all that stuff. aside because you want to figure out the. style that you want to go with and I’ve. got a list of questions here that. that’ll kind of help gear you in the. right direction okay so the very first. question you want to ask yourself is. what do I plan to use it for do you. think you’re gonna use it more for work. or for pleasure do you think you’re. gonna use it for both are you gonna plow.

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What Is the Best ATV to Buy

the driveway with it in the winter but. then take it out on the trails in the. summer then think about what’s more. important to you do you care more about. speed or do you care more about. maneuverability do you think you need. four-wheel drive where do you plan on. riding it at what type of trails do you. even plan on trail riding at all or is. it mainly gonna be used around your. property do you need to be able to tow. stuff behind it and then how do you ride. do you like to ride in a more. comfortable Leanback manner do you like. to be on the machine more do you think. you’re gonna rock climb or are you just.

looking to hit some basic trails more. straight you know a relaxing style do. you want the technical trails and then. finally and this is a serious question. and it’s important how invested are you. I mean honestly that’s a very important. question quite honestly one of the most. important questions how invested are you. because you can get a really nice used. machine for a lot more than if you go. out and buy a brand new machine so are. you at that level yet are you just. testing the waters do you maybe want to. start with the used machine that’s. already got some miles you can be less. worried about you know beating it up or. is this what you’re doing every single.

weekend or are you hitting the trails. all summer long you know that’s. something that you definitely got to. figure out so we’re gonna talk about. three different types of ATVs you’ve got. your utility machine you’ve got your. sport quad and then you’ve got what I. call a hybrid but it’s really a utility. sport machine so it’s a mixture of the. both so the utility machine is is really. the most versatile and quite honestly. the majority that riders are gonna have. out there okay and there’s a lot of. reasons for that and first of all God. are the days when a utility machine is. strictly a utility machine it’s no. longer just to have around the farm. machine or just apply your driveway and. this is really the way I would gear. someone tour.

if they’re a new rider if you if you’re. not really quite sure what you want. there’s a good chance you want to start. on a utility machine when it comes to. versatility they’re great for trail. riding they’re great for taking up to. the cabin they’re great for hunters if. you’re a hunter you really want to. consider a utility machine I don’t know. why I keep pointing it this is not a. utility machine so I don’t know why I. keep gearing towards this machine but. you want to consider a utility machine. then because your utility machine is. gonna have things like heavy-duty racks.

that you can put a lot of stuff on right. maybe a skier maybe it’s animal maybe. it’s a cooler any of that type of stuff. if you have a cabin that you’re gonna. you know a trailer into or a ride into. or a campsite whatever and you want to. be able to hold a lot of gear you really. do want to consider a utility machine. they’re extremely versatile and they. hold a lot speaking of which just. storage in general if you’re set on an. ATV and you want storage you definitely. want to go with the utility machine. because it’s gonna automatically provide. more storage than the other options and. then the accessories of add-ons for. stores you can get are huge I mean you. can get backrests that come around and. you can open them up in the back and. shove stuff in like I already mentioned.

the racks hold more you can get like. saddlebags like you would a motorcycle. almost farm so there’s there’s just a. lot of options to add on all this. additional storage and speaking of. storage that’s a good segue into comfort. if you want to be comfortable I mean. truly comfortable if you want to be able. to just sit back and enjoy the ride or. if you’re a big person and I don’t mean. that necessarily like you’re fat I don’t. mean it like that but just if body size. in general a utility machine is probably.

going to be where you’re gonna want to. start because a lot of the sports quads. and a lot of this you know even some of. the utility sport machines they’re. they’re not going to provide the same. level of comfort period they’re just not. going to the seats aren’t as comfortable. that you know there’s not a lot of bells. and whistles in fact speaking of bells. and whistles if you want cupholders I. should have started here if you want. cupholders on your machine your utility. rider like bottom line you want a. utility machine because that’s the type. of experience you’re gonna get from the. utility machine you want to be able to. put a drink in there you want to be able. to cruise down the trail and you you. just want to have a great time enjoy the. views enjoy the scenery and you know. when we get into size that doesn’t mean. you’re not gonna be able to get.

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something with a lot of speed you can. but you’re probably gonna want to start. in that utility side-by-side category. and lastly lastly if you want passengers. utility machines for you all right. that’s where you’re gonna find your to. up option your utility machine is is. gonna have that whole second seat it’s. going to be nice and comfortable you can. get them with a backrest I mean it’s. just it’s it’s a lot more comfort for. both parties involved they’ve even got. grab handles and stuff on the side when. you consider these two ups and there’s a. lot of companies that make two ups so. again if you know you’re gonna have. someone riding on the same machine as. you a decent amount of the time not only. consider utility machine consider. looking at the two up move it along. man it is like I’m pumped the weather. it’s so freakin nice out here.

I love you know being in the woods. talking about ATVs so I’m probably. talking way too fast it’s like my number. one thing I notice when I edit videos is. I talk way too fast like way too often. so I don’t know if that bothers you let. me know down below maybe it doesn’t. maybe it’s just me judging why am I even. talking about this moving on sport quads let’s talk about sport quads. it’s really actually very easy to figure. out if you want a sports quad or not. just ask yourself do I want to go. extremely fast do I want something. that’s lightweight do I want something. that’s durable and do I want something. that goes extremely fast all right now

I know I said that twice but I really. consider the sport quad is like the. crotch rocket of the ATV world right. it’s it’s really it’s meant for one. thing ultimately and that’s to go super. fast and you can do that with a lot less. CCS for example a 400cc sport quad it’s. gonna go much faster than a 400cc. utilites machine so the sport machines. are really meant for for people that. want to race and go fast all right now. if that’s your goal if you want that. speed definitely you you want to. consider a sport machine but if you care. less about that and you care more about. like bells and whistles because for. example your sports machine it basically. has no bells and whistles okay it’s not. gonna have big nice displays it’s not. gonna have four-wheel drive in fact the. big thing now with the sports quad if. you get it is is it have reverse like. that you’re winning right if you’ve got. reverse it’s like a win.

so that’s what I mean a lot less bells. and whistles on it so you don’t have all. that stuff to break and because of that. it’s way more durable for example this. was me like a year and a half ago as you. can see this was much steeper in real. life by the way the camera did not do it. justice but the point being I rolled. this thing down the hill I got back on. this Honda and I continued on my way not. a single thing was broken and with that. I should also mention is the weight. right for example this sport quad rolled. over me if it was a utility machine. there’s a good chance that thing would. have snapped my leg a sports quad has.

it’s so much lighter that it just it. rolled right over me I got up and I. continued on now not to say that they’re. meant for that I’m just using that as an. example and the other thing when it. comes to weigh is if you ride alone a. sport quad is a great option for that. when you get stuck it weighs so little. you literally can just pick it up and. then move it over and keep on driving. you don’t have to worry about winches. and trying to find trees to hook on to. you you can literally just lift the back. end up and get on your way it’s so if. that’s the type of thing you’re into.

sport quad might be for you now. spork wodden might not be for you if you. care about things like comfort coz. they’re not really meant for comfort in. the way that a utility machine is but if. you just want to go fast there you go. all right so let’s talk about my current. favorite at least for now which is the. support utility machine or what I call. the hybrid now if you want to be able to. plow your driveway and then hit the. trails and go superfast this is the. machine for you. the hybrid machine is gonna provide. basically the best of both worlds now if. you find yourself thinking well that. seems like an easy choice and a. no-brainer

I’ll just get the hybrid or. the support utility machine and now I’ve. got the the best of it all right yes and. no I I say yes because it’s a. combination of the both and it really. brings a lot to the table but I also. like to say well it’s the best of both. worlds it’s the greatest of neither and. I realized as I say that out loud how. confusing that probably sounds but what. I mean is you’d be hard-pressed to find. a sport utility machine that’s is as. comfortable as just an all-out utility.

ATV okay so for example a sportsman or. an outlander they’re gonna ultimately be. able to provide you more comfort than. this Polaris scrambler it’s not to say. that this isn’t comfortable but it. doesn’t provide the same level of. comfort right and the same can be said. for weight you are not gonna find a. sport utility machine that’s as light as. a sport quad so again it’s it’s the best. of both worlds but the greatest of Mina. I hope that makes sense and lastly I. should say there’s some crossover in. there for example what I mean is you can. get a an outlander 1000 that’s still. gonna be extremely fast it’s gonna have. a ton of power and you can even modded. and add even more power right so.

technically it’s not a sport quad it’s a. utility machine but you’re still gonna. have a ton of power that’s going to. allow it to go really fast right so. you’re gonna have some of those. crossover options in there which. actually is gonna leave me the engines. let’s talk about engine size so we. figured out hopefully at this point that. the style that you want right either the. utility the sport quad or the sport. utility now the question is. sighs engine do you want to put in there. now thankfully thankfully bigger isn’t. always better. when it comes to engine size on ATVs at.

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least not for everybody now that’s not. to say that a 1000 isn’t amazing but. that might not be the way that you want. to go in fact let’s break it down like. this and this is only meant to be a. guide so take it for what it is you know. put some more consideration test a. couple machines out but this will. hopefully at least help you get in the. right area for what you want to consider. first let’s go with the 50 to 125 CC. these are pretty small they’re really. meant for kids okay if you’re a. full-grown adult you could just glaze. over
these and move up to no less than I. would could say a 300 if you’re a. full-sized adult you’re probably going. to want to consider the 300 to 500 cc.

range now the 300 CC like kawasaki brute. force that’s a little on the small side. again full-sized adult that’s kind of on. that you know do you want to go that way. you might want to bump it up a little. but if you’re brand new you just want. something small or you’ve maybe got a. teenager in that intermediate or. whatever category you know it can be. good for for experienced kids so on and.

so forth otherwise you’re four to five. hundred is is really where I should I. say that most adults should start okay. if you i

f you have little experience. it’s a great option to get a powerful. machine that’s not going to be. overwhelming at the same time something. like a CF moto C Force 400 is a great. option currently the prices is not. overly expensive so even if you buy a. new one you know it’s not gonna break. the bank otherwise you could get a you. know a sportsman 500 or or you could. look at a Honda you know the the 475. somewhere in there those are great. options to learn to ride so next we kind. of move up past the 500s into the the. 600 the 660 is a 7 750 that whole. category this is a great category for. someone that’s got some experience or. feels comfortable getting on a machine. they want a little bit more power they. want to be able to either tow some stuff. or or get some speed on the trail but. it’s it’s not necessarily that huge. enormous 1,000 you know it’s that nice. middle ground it’s that real comfortable. middle ground right the prices isn’t all. the way up with the 1,000 but you’re. getting more than you were at like a 400. to 500 CC range again you know a rider. that that’s gonna hit more technical.

tree. or or is a little more well-rounded with. their riding experience and then from. there you kind of hit the eight eight. fifties things like that again these are. great for two up options if you’re gonna. have a passenger with you you might want. to consider something like a two up. because you’ve got more weight on the. machine see you know you want still some. power with two full-size adults on it. and then again if you just if you want a. little bit more power like like a. scrambler for example the player. scrambler currently is only made in the. 850 so again sport utility machine that. 850 is still gonna give you it’s gonna. give you a lot of pep right so there’s. there’s that kind of whole range and. then from there you jump up into the. 1000cc okay now the 1000cc is a great. they’re amazing machines there are some. just phenomenal 1000cc machines out. there if you’re if you’re gonna go mud. bogging if you’re gonna hit some rock. climbing some super technical trails if. you’re just you want to be able to lay. into it you want the speed you want. those mud holes you just want to be
able. to tear it up wherever you go not to say. that you will all the time but you want. that capability you’re an experienced. rider that might be where you want to. look but again remember a lot more power. means a lot more responsibility the. greater the power the greater the. responsibility but for real it’s a lot. easier to get hurt so if you’re not. experienced at all you just get on 1,000. and you start hitting those trails hard. you know there’s a higher risk that. you’re gonna hurt yourself and I’ve. always told people I I’m a honestly I’m. a firm believer my first my first. machine was a player sportsman 500. alright and I’m a firm believer and. maybe it’s just because that’s the way I. grew up that the Machine the the rider. is gonna matter more than the machine. alright you’re what I mean is your. ability to ride okay it’s gonna matter.

more than the size of the engine for. example if you take an inexperienced. person you throw them on a 1000 machine. 1000 cc machine versus someone on like a. 660 machine right somewhere in that. category there’s a good chance you put. them both on the trails this experienced. rider on the small machine is gonna be. able to do much more and ultimately go. much faster and get through the trail in. a much more capable manner than this in. experienced ride around a 1000 just. because you have a big engine doesn’t. mean you know how to use it really. really well okay and and I always kind. of. I’m mumbling at this point but I always. kind of correlate –

I used to ride a. crotch rockets and I would have six. hundreds and then finally I was like I’m. gonna get a CBR 1000 and I did it I’ll. never buy one again I will never buy one. again because I’m not gonna use the. power that a Honda cbr1000rr Eider I’m. not gonna go 180 miles down the road and. I I realized that soon after I bought it. they’re amazing freaking machines but. why spend the extra money if you’re not. if you don’t need that power that power. isn’t for everybody right so just. something to consider all right I’m done. rambling one final note is that remember. a sport quad the engine size is gonna. have a lot more pep versus utility.

machine for example a Yamaha Raptor 700. is gonna have a lot more pep and a lot. more speed than say an 800 cc utility. machine alright so just something to. keep in mind and with that with that I. really I truly hope this video was. helpful to you subscribe if you haven’t already and and how to see on the trail. all right so this is the second take. with file zero zero three because I. forgot to hit the record button on the audio so there’s that super glad that 10. audio so there’s that super glad that 10 minutes wasn’t wasted so I know what to.

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